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This inciative has the purpose to share with those who visit Jewish Temples, that only visited a few, or else never had the opportunity to enter one, the inner beauty that resides in them. 

I, Marcelo L. Strauch am 39 years old and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I started as a free-lance journal photographer working for local magazines and participated in many contests.  

I choose the artistic photography because is the one I  like most and the branch that has offered me more chances to express my creativity.

In this particular work “Jewish Temples from Argentina” my wife Ruth A. Percowicz was the producer, this task took us at least 2 years; which was crowned with an exhibition at a Buenos Aires community center, since 1998.

The places, motifs and architectural details were high-fidelity pictured, that is, trying to reflect in the image the feeling suggested by each of those temples through their specific curiosities. The corners and spaces, sometimes hidden from the regular view, were being discovered through detailed observation which finally produced a 400 photographies work. 

Today, we both artist and producer have the intention to continue with this photographic production started years ago, for which we consider difussion as an indispensable tool, in national, international and in all possible boundaries.

Marcelo L. Strauch